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Thanks for choosing our heatmap analytics for your website!
Follow these simple steps, and in a couple of minutes you'll see the heatmap on your pages.
We are here to help you, just let us know if you have any issue or question!

1. Install

To install heatmap on your website, simply insert our tracking code in your pages,
or follow specific instructions for Wordpress, Tag Manager...

Add the following tag to your pages, either in the <head> section or before </body>

Install heatmap for WordPress plugin on your site:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel and go to the Plugins menu
  2. Click Add New
  3. Search for "heatmap for WordPress" and click Install Now

In your admin panel, click the heatmap menu on the left, and make sure that the plugin can connect to our servers and is active. 
Your are all set, and ready to start using heatmap!

Install our tag with Google Tag Manager:

  1. In Google Tag Manager, create a New tag
  2. Choose the tag type: Custom HTML
  3. Copy our tag (do not modify it!)
  4. Select the trigger type: Page View - DOM Ready
  5. Save and Publish

Your are all set, and ready to start using heatmap on your site!

2. Sign-in

To sign-in and see the heatmap on your site, we offer 2 simple methods:

  • heatmap drag this button to your bookmarks bar,
    then click it while visiting your own site, or
  • simply hit Alt-Shift-H, while on your site.

The heatmap will appear directly on your site, like augmented reality.

3. Record

Paid plans come with unlimited pages recording, which means all pages of your site will automatically start capturing user interactions as soon as heatmap is installed.

The Free plan is limited to 5 pages, so you need to select manually which pages you want to analyze. Follow these simple steps to start recording a page:

  1. visit the page on your site, and activate the heatmap (see step 2. Sign-in)
  2. click on the Record toggle at the top of the heatmap sidebar
  3. repeat these steps to record up to 5 pages


Now start optimizing your site!
The heatmap and statistics appear, in realtime, as visitors view pages and interact with your site.

  • Understand in seconds which are your best selling products or most interesting articles
  • Optimize the traffic flow and significantly increase conversion rates
  • Inspired by augmented reality, it brings live data right on your pages while browsing

We've got you covered, contact us if you have any issue or question!

Thanks for using our product, we hope to bring you actionable insights,
The heatmap team

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Page last updated on May 7, 2017