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See how much money you're driving from every interaction your customer takes on your website without hurting your site speed. This is data you've never had access to.

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No gimmicks, only the best features to optimize your website

Heatmap screen interfact

Visualize Revenue on your Website

Clicks and scrolls don’t tell you much about your website… which is why we created a revenue-based heatmap. You need revenue attribution for every element on your heatmap to optimize the content on your website.

The heatmaps appear in seconds on your screen and are constantly updated: no need to reload your page! Edit your content, change a picture, then see the revenue impact of your change very quickly.


user interactions logged over the last hour

6 billions over the past month

Data you can take action on

Marketing analytics tools are overwhelming because they show everything they have and argue it’s “Big Data” and don’t give targeted insights. You need direct revenue attribution on heatmaps to make data-driven decisions to optimze your website.

Heatmap shows revenue, leads, average order value, conversion rate, and any custom data filter you want on your users. Finally you can improve your UX with true data.

Revenue drivers for heatmaps

Identify Revenue Drivers and Conversion Killers with AI

Heatmap’s approach is to display data right on your pages, showing the most important elements to focus on what’s driving revenue on your website.

Our AI-modeling identifies what elements are Revenue Drivers and Conversion Killers so you can take action on this data in live-time.

Easy install, small footprint

Installing Heatmap takes a minute, just add our snippet to your website and start tracking all your dream data on your website.

Our tag is very small (<8kb) and asynchronous, so it won’t affect how quickly your users see your website load. Site speed is very important.

Our snippet works with any CMS (Shopify, Wordpress, WooCommerce, Magento, Unbounce, etc) and any code language.

Privacy for your users

heatmap only collects the data needed for you to improve your content strategy. Nothing more.

No key-logging. No cookie sniffing. Even IP addresses are not logged. This means we really have nothing to sell to third parties.

All the collected data is anonymous, which protects your users as well as your own data.

Real tech support available

Saw something that does not seem to work?
File a bug ticket or contact our support (if your plan includes it).

Consulting for extra needs

You can also order consulting missions to train your users, help your developers tweak the tracking configuration, etc.

Used by major brands

Understanding users is key to performance optimization


This pricing is only for the first 1000 users.


Best for starters

$47 USD /month
Package includes:
  • 100,000 sessions per month
  • Ecommerce revenue for every element
  • 100,000 screen recordings per month
  • 100,000 revenue-based scrollmaps

Agency Package

Best for large enterprise

Package includes:
  • Everything in business plan
  • For clients with 5 or more websites

Use cases

Why this is the best heat mapping tool for you

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Landing pages optimization

Have you just created a dedicated page or website for a special event (Black Friday, product launch)?

You cannot afford to wait even hours to know what users do. With heatmap, you get useful data in real-time, so you can act fast and immediately check the impact of your changes.

Dynamic contents

Your pages are full of dynamic contents: menus, galleries, videos, etc.

heatmap lets you see user interactions on ALL dynamic elements, and natively supports most Javascript libraries: jQuery, MooTools, Prototype,, Bootstrap, etc.

Privacy respected, everywhere

heatmap only collects the data needed for you to improve your online store. Nothing more.

All the collected data is anonymous, which protects your users as well as your own data. Though, heatmap can provide data on password-protected pages, and supports HTTPS.