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How to Edit Screenshots on

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How to Edit Screenshots on

There may be elements on your page you want to see that are not in your Resting State of your website. These elements are typically Navigations, Sliders, or Drop-Downs. This article is to give you a simple guide for how to open and view these elements using

When you first open a screenshot on it shows your Resting Page (no unique elements) so this is the process to create a screenshot that shows all click & revenue data for your navigation or other elements.

Simple overview, you’ll be changing your screenshot via our QR code system and selecting “Prepare Screenshot” to open any element you want that is not in your current screenshot of that page.

If this process does not function properly for your website, reach out to so we can quickly troubleshoot & fix this for you!

Step 1: Change Screenshot

Open the heatmap screen of the page you want to optimize. Click the Gear Icon next to the title of the page, it will open a dropdown, select Change Screenshot.

Change Screenshot

Step 2: Open QR Code on your phone

When you click Change Screenshot, a popup will appear showing the process for taking a Custom Screenshot. Follow the instructions for opening the QR code.

Do not touch your phone until the popup appears, it may take 10-15 seconds based on the speed of your site.

Click “Load All Elements” and wait for the process to finish.

Open QR Code on your phone

Step 3: Open your Navigation (or other elements)

When all elements are loaded, on the next screen click “Prepare Screenshot”. This will allow you 20 seconds to close out any unwanted popups and open your navigation, dropdown, or any other elements you are looking to view data on.

Prepare Screenshot

And there you have it, revenue-attribution for any element on your website! The process works the same for both Mobile and Desktop screenshots.

If you have any further questions or the process does not work properly for you, email and we’ll help you quickly!