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7 Best Heatmap Tools for WordPress

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    Is your website hosted on the WordPress platform? Are you using it to its fullest potential to get the most helpful details about your web visitors? Along with being easy to use for non-technical users and affordable to build a site on, the great thing about WordPress is its flexibility to add features and functionalities. This means most third-party analytics tools and heatmap tools will work on the platform, opening up the door to get user engagement details and metrics to improve your user experience and ultimately, make your business more money.

    But, with near-endless software options to add a heatmap to your WordPress site, which ones will give you the best insights, are easy to set up, and won't break the bank? In this article, we'll chat about the best WordPress heatmap plugins and tools for you and tell you which outperforms the rest in detail and helpfulness.

    What is a heatmap used for?

    A website heatmap gives you insight into how your visitors use your website. It shows you things like which elements users click on and in what order they view pages and products, so you'll know if your website design is helping or hindering the buying process.

    User clicks are represented visually using varying intensities of color to indicate the frequency of clicks. For example, blue areas mean a low amount of clicks and red areas mean a high number of clicks. Some software, like heatmap.com, will also show you eCommerce data related to that click, like average order value and conversion rate.

    Do I need a heatmap if I already use Google Analytics?

    If you're currently using Google Analytics, you're already getting some great information to help better understand how each page performs at a page-by-page level. However, heatmap data gives you more detailed information to understand how individual elements on your web page perform. Google Analytics is good at telling you how many people visited your page and how long they spent there. Heatmaps go a step further, showing not just how long they spent on a page, but how they used your site.

    Does WordPress have a heatmap?

    Sorry to disappoint, but there are no WordPress heatmaps within the platform. WordPress is a powerful website platform to build your website on, but it doesn't offer website visitor stats without using third-party heatmap WordPress plugins.

    The good news is it's easy to integrate a heatmap into Wordpress. You can do it by manually adding a small line of code from the heatmap software you'd like to use in the header section of your WordPress website (something your web developer can do) or by installing a trusted WordPress plugin from a third party. The plugin just adds the code to your pages for you.

    How do I create heatmaps in WordPress?

    To generate heatmap data for your WordPress website, just add the tool's tracking script to the header of your site or install a WordPress plugin (if it's available). This will allow you to collect necessary user engagement data and may also display your heatmaps directly in your website content platform.

    There are many top WordPress-compatible heatmap integrations or plugins. Here are 7 of the best heatmap WordPress plugins and integrations for your website in no particular order:

    Clicky by Yoast

    Clicky Homepage
    Image Source https://clicky.com/

    Clicky is a product by Yoast, an SEO plugin. It gives you user engagement analytics for WordPress websites through a plugin, helping you monitor, analyze, and react to website traffic in real-time.


    • Heatmap plugin automatically adds tracking script to every page of your website
    • View user engagement analytics on your WordPress dashboard
    • Adds outbound link pattern matching for affiliate links
    • Stores comments using internal data logging API (Pro account needed)


    • Real-time user engagement analytics
    • Privacy-friendly, GDPR-compliant


    • Heatmaps are only segmentable by page, visitor, or user segment, with not a lot of customizable views
    • Despite being around for many years, the WordPress plugin has only received a couple reviews, so we're not sure how trusted the tool is.

    Pricing: Free version available. Then pay $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year for up to 1 million monthly page views.


    ContentSquare Homepage
    Image Source https://contentsquare.com/

    Contentsquare is a digital analytics platform that promises automated insights, easy-to-understand analytics, and heatmaps.


    • Exportable heatmaps data
    • Zone-based heatmaps
    • Session replay options
    • Supports A/B tests


    • View results of A/B tests side-by-side
    • Form submissions analysis


    • Pricing is not transparent. You must contact their sales team to get pricing
    • Annual 6-figure contracts make it completely unaffordable for most businesses
    • Some users report struggling to use Contentsquare when not using the tool often. It can also be “jumpy” at times.

    Pricing: Not publicly available without contacting a sales representative.

    Crazy Egg

    Crazy Egg Homepage
    Image Source https://www.crazyegg.com/heatmap

    Crazy egg takes one snapshot of your page and provides 5 different types of heatmaps. Choose a plan based on how many tracked page views, snapshots, and recordings you want per month.


    • 5 unique heatmap reports: Heatmap Report, Scrollmap Report, Confetti Report, Overlay Report, List Report
    • Integrates with other Crazy Egg online analytics solutions


    • 3-step installation process using the crazy egg plugin
    • Includes up to 2 years of data recording storage


    • Only available for self-hosted WordPress websites, not WordPress.com accounts
    • Crazy Egg Tracking script only manages a limited number of recordings per month.

    Pricing: All plans include a free trial, then range from $29 monthly for up to 30,000 page views/month up to $249+ for 500,000 monthly page views. All plans are billed annually.


    Heatmap.com Homepage
    Image Source https://heatmap.com/

    This popular heatmap tool offers features that no other heatmap software can: including a very small digital footprint that won't bog down your site speed, revenue metrics alongside click data, and ability to set “custom boxes” for viewing combined data from sections on a webpage.


    • Easy to install
    • Website speed protection (other heatmap software slows down your site significantly, but heatmap.com doesn't)
    • Advanced heatmap filters (for purchases, Ecommerce metrics, and sales channels like Facebook or TikTok Ads)
    • Revenue metrics for every element on your page to see which are driving revenue (no other heatmap in the world can do this)
    • The industry's only “custom box” functionality that allows you to group page elements to view combined heatmap data from all elements in your box


    • Doesn't affect site speed for users unlike Hotjar, Crazyegg, Lucky Orange and other popular heatmap products
    • Provides valuable ecommerce and revenue data, not just number of clicks
    • Includes more data filters than competitors
    • “Custom box” aggregation of page elements for deeper analysis


    • Not free (but includes a 7-day free trial)

    Pricing: Free 7-day trial. Premium access starts at $47 per month. You only need to upgrade as your webstore grows in visitor counts.

    👉Try Heatmap.com to get incredible insights to improve your conversion rate and increase your revenue.

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    Hotjar Homepage
    Image Source https://www.hotjar.com/product/heatmaps/

    Hotjar Observe shows user engagement data as visual heatmaps (clicks) and scroll heatmaps (color overlay showing how far your users scroll down a page). Additional subscriptions are needed to integrate it with other Hotjar communication and engagement tools.


    • Automatic and continuous heatmaps
    • Event APIs
    • Trend analysis


    • Paid versions include 365 days of data analysis
    • Connects via an analytics plugin to popular website platforms


    • Very expensive compared to other heatmap software
    • Slows down your website significantly
    • No revenue data showed anywhere on the platform

    Pricing: No free trial, but their free plan includes up to 35 daily user sessions. Monthly plans start at $32-80, paid annually (based on daily sessions), but this is for very little data.

    Lucky Orange

    Lucky Orange Homepage
    Image Source https://www.luckyorange.com/

    Lucky Orange is among the cheapest heatmap software and likely the least useful. While Lucky Orange includes many helpful features, your heatmap data is only stored for 30-60 days, so you'll need to analyze your data quickly before it disappears forever.


    • Basic heatmaps
    • Session-based visitor recordings
    • Live chats and surveys


    • Integrates with Zapier, Hubspot, and more
    • All plans include unlimited team members


    • Makes the website very slow, hurting your conversion rate
    • Limited heatmap storage (30-60 days, depending on your plan)

    Pricing: Free 7-day trial for all plans. Monthly plans start at $14-128, paid annually.

    👉 Read more about the differences between Hotjar and Lucky Orange.


    Inspectlet Homepage
    Image Source https://www.inspectlet.com/

    Inspectlet uses user engagement data to tell you why visitors behave a certain way. It tracks mouse movements, scrolls, clicks, and keypresses on your website so you'll learn how they browse your site.


    • Mature filtering capabilities (but no revenue-generating filters available)
    • Can track individual visitor behavior
    • Includes heatmap and scroll map views


    • Data starts recording as soon as it's installed
    • Includes data filtering


    • Filters are more advanced than many, but not as advanced as heatmaps.com
    • Storage of recorded data only kept for a minimal time (1 week to 24 months), depending on your subscription

    Pricing: No free trial, but it has a feature-limited free WordPress plugin version. Based on your anticipated web traffic, paid plans start at $39-499+ per month.

    How do I get a heat map for my WordPress website?

    You could fumble around and test a bunch of heatmap plugins for WordPress, or you could skip the headaches and start by using a heatmap tool with the most helpful set of included user engagement analytics available: heatmap.com.

    Heatmap.com doesn't just show you how many clicks specific elements got, it shows you the quality of those clicks with conversion details related to those clicks. Along with its next level filtering system and industry's only custom boxes, heatmap.com helps your business identify high-value customers and traffic sources as well as group different aspects of your website navigation and analyze them together.

    With heatmap.com you no longer have to guess what works for your customers. You'll see it and improve on it in real-time.

    💡Start a free 7-day trial of heatmap.com to your WordPress site to see why it's the most superior heatmap tool out there.